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 Download iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3

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مُساهمةموضوع: Download iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3   الأحد نوفمبر 13, 2011 7:03 pm

Download iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3

Download iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3 With iTunes Match For Windows And Mac OS X

Developers have been given a third beta of of
iTunes 10.5.1 which continues testing of iTunes Match. The new beta
comes with added performance and stability. It is now available on iOS
Developer Center. Apple mentioned in its email to registered
developers that to subscribe to iTunes Match or continue the existing
sub******ion, they need to upgrade to iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 . It is
currently only available to developers in the United States.

iTunes match has an automatic renewal
sub******ion of $24.99 per month which can be canceled anytime from
account settings. The sub******ion can only be done via PC or Mac and
can’t be done via iOS devices. The music can be accessed via iOS 5 on
you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your PC or Mac OS X running iTunes
10.5.1 Beta 3. iTunes Match can be used on 10 computers and iOS
devices including 5 of which can be computers authorized with your
Apple ID.
Sub******ion is easy. You need to Install iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 on your
Mac OS X or PC. After installation open it and click Turn On iTunes
Match from the Store Menu. Choose subscribe for $24.99 and follow the
onscreen instructions. Once done, your music library will include songs
in your iCloud and on your computer.
After the music has been matched with songs in the iTunes Stores, You
can access the music from your iOS device through iCloud by following
these steps:

  • Click Settings then Music . After that turn ON iTunes Match.This will stop syncing music with iTunes.
  • Click the Home Button and tap Music.

If you want to gain access through a computer(PC or Mac) , you can do the following
Install iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3

  • Open iTunes and click on Store and then Sign in with the same Apple ID that you used when subscribing to iTunes Match.
  • Choose Store again and then select “Turn On” iTunes Match.
  • Now Click the Add this computer button .
  • Upon completion , your music library will include songs in your iCloud and your computer.
It is advised by Apple to back up regularly and don’t delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer.
You can download iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 from one of the direct links below:

Download iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 for Windows
Download iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 for Windows 64 bit
Download iTunes 10.5.1 beta 3 for Mac OS X

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Download iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3
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